Extra Protection Package

Protection in all the smaller economies, where abuse is rife.

The Extra Protection package should be used along side our standard package (The Essential Protection Package). Together they offer almost total piece of mind. This is a list of the smaller economies and more difficult jurisdictions where abuse is likely.

The Extra Protection Package costs $28883.20kr140320€18868.70£16492.60$32752.40kr203893$17764.00R331941.00 .

aFees reduced (on a pro-rata scale) and order reduced in size where it is impossible or not practical to register the domain. For example, the domain not being available, due to already being registered, reserved by the registry, an obvious trade mark infringement etc.
Completion of a Protection package order significantly reduces your chances of experiencing name abuse, it does not guarantee it.

bIn some locations a local presence may be required, in these cases a trustee will be appointed for you at no extra cost.

Contact us for more details about details.

158 extensions including ...

.ac (Acension Island),.com.ac (com.ac),.af (Afghanistan),.com.af (Afghanistan),.ag (Antigua and Barbuda),.com.ag (Antigua and Barbuda),.ai (Anguilla),.com.al (Albania),.am (Armenia),.beauty (beauty),.bi (Burundi),.bj (Benin),.bo (Bolivia),.com.bo (Bolivia),.bs (Bahamas),.com.by (com.by),.cc (Cocos (Keeling) Islands),.cd (Democratic Republic of the Congo),.cg (Congo),.ci (Cote d'Ivoire),.net.cn (China),.ae.com (United Arab Emirates (Centralnic)),.br.com (Brazil (Centralnic)),.cn.com (China (Centralnic)),.de.com (Germany (Centralnic)),.eu.com (Europe (Centralnic)),.gr.com (gr.com),.jpn.com (Japan (Centralnic)),.ru.com (Russia (Centralnic)),.sa.com (Saudi Arabia (Centralnic)),.us.com (USA (Centralnic)),.uy.com (Uruguay (Centralnic)),.za.com (South Africa (Centralnic)),.africa.com (africa.com),.co.com (co.com),.uk.com (UK-GB (Centralnic)),.cu (Cuba),.cx (Christmas Island),.co.de (co.de),.com.de (com.de),.dj (Djibouti),.dm (Dominica),.do (Dominican Republic),.com.do (Dominican Republic),.ec (Ecuador),.com.ec (Ecuador),.co.ee (Estonia),.fm (Federated States of Micronesia),.gd (Grenada),.gg (Guernsey),.co.gg (Guernsey),.com.gi (Gibraltar),.gl (Greenland),.gm (Gambia),.gs (South Georgia),.gt (Guatemala),.com.gt (Guatemala),.gy (Guyana),.co.gy (Guyana),.hair (hair),.hm (Heard Island and McDonald Islands),.hn (Honduras),.com.hn (Honduras),.ht (Haiti),.im (Isle of Man),.co.im (Isle of Man),.com.im (com.im),.net.in (India),.com.jm (Jamaica),.co.ke (Kenya),.kg (Kyrgyzstan),.kz (Kazakhstan),.lc (Saint Lucia),.com.lc (Saint Lucia),.li (Liechtenstein),.lk (Sri Lanka),.lt (Lithuania),.ly (Libya),.ma (Morocco),.makeup (makeup),.mg (Madagascar),.com.mk (Macedonia),.mn (Mongolia),.monster (monster),.ms (Montserrat),.mu (Mauritius),.mw (mw),.co.mz (Mozambique),.co.na (Namibia),.com.na (Namibia),.ne (Niger),.co.ne (co.ne),.or.ne (or.ne),.hu.net (hu.net),.in.net (in.net),.uk.net (UK-GB (Centralnic)),.gb.net (UK-GB (Centralnic)),.co.nl (Netherlands (CoDNS B.V.)),.co.no (Norway (CoDNS B.V.)),.nu (Niue),.co.nu (co.nu),.ie.nu (Ireland (Nuie)),.org.nz (New Zealand),.hk.org (hk.org),.us.org (us.org),.pa (pa),.com.pa (Panama),.com.pk (Pakistan),.pm (St. Pierre & Miquelon),.pr (pr),.com.pr (Puerto Rico),.ps (Palestine),.com.py (Paraguay),.quest (quest),.re (Reunion),.com.ro (Romania),.rw (Rwanda),.sb (sb),.sc (Seychelles),.com.sc (Seychelles),.sd (Sudan),.com.se (com.se),.sg (Singapore),.com.sg (Singapore),.skin (skin),.com.sl (Sierra Leone),.sm (San Marino),.so (Somalia),.sr (Suriname),.sv (sv),.com.sv (El Salvador),.sx (sx),.tc (Turks and Caicos Islands),.td (Chad),.tf (French Southern & Antartic Territories),.tg (Togo),.tl (Timor-Leste),.tm (Turkmenistan),.to (Tonga),.tt (Trinidad and Tobago),.com.tt (Trinidad and Tobago),.com.ua (Ukraine),.ug (Uganda),.co.ug (Uganda),.com.ug (com.ug),.uy (uy),.com.uy (Uruguay),.vc (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines),.com.vc (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines),.vg (British Virgin Islands),.vi (US Virgin Islands),.com.vi (com.vi),.vu (Vanuatu),.wf (Wallis & Futuna),.yt (Mayotte),.net.za (net.za),.org.za (org.za),.zw (zw),

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