What is Mail (Email) Forwarding ?

A Mail Forward creates a hidden "MX" (Mail eXchanger) record pointing to our email server in the zone file for your domain, the Zone File is used to store the specific settings you define for your domain name - which mail servers handle email for your domain etc.

An MX record tells other computers which machines on the internet handle emails for your domain, so when mail is sent to you it is directed to the right computer which receives your email and stores it until you collect it.

When we receive an email on your behalf (sent to any_name@yourdomain.com for instance), our email server is configured to forward the email to the actual (real) email address of your choice.

You can create as many email address aliases as you like for each domain you have, all pointing to different email addresses.

You can create new email aliases for your domain, or change existing mail aliases through the online control panel at:


To set up email forwarding, log into your control panel and select the "Email Forwarding" option. You will be presented with a window with two columns of form boxes in which you enter the details of new mail aliases for your domain and their corresponding destination email addresses where emails forwarded by our servers should ultimately end up.

On the left hand side, you enter the addresss at @yourdomain.dot you want to add, such as info@yourdomain.dot or sales@yourdomain.dot.

In the corresponding box on the right hand side you should enter the actual email address you want emails sent to your alias to be directed to (yourname@hotmail.com for example).

You can create as many aliases as you like, when you are happy and have entered the correct information click on the 'submit' button and the new information you have entered will be added into our systems.

Bear in mind it can take up to 2 hours for the new mail aliases to be fully registered in our mail systems, but after 2 hours your new email aliases will be operational.

You (or anyone else) can then send email to your_new_address@yourdomain.dot and the email will be delivered to your actual email address.

How do I create a Global Mail Redirection ?

You can create a 'Global Mail Redirection' (also called a 'catch-all' address) for your domain by leaving the 'Email address' field in one of the form boxes on the left hand side blank, and then entering the desired destination email address in the corresponding 'destination' email address form field box on the right hand side of the page.

If you do this, all email going to any_name@yourdomain.dot will get sent to the destination address you specify. The exception to this is email which is sent to an address that matches an existing mail alias in your email forwarding setup, in which case the email will be directed to that email alias address instead.

To see an image of what the email forwarding screen looks like, Click Here

How long until my Mail Forwarding change takes effect ?

Our Email servers are updated and respawned every two hours so any updates you make should be ready for testing by at least 10 minutes past that hour.