How do I request my password ?

If you have lost or forgotten your password, you can request it from the Control Panel at:

and the password will be sent to the registered owner or admin contact by email.

If you no longer have access to the registered owners email address, you will need to send us a signed and dated fax (on letterhead) authorising us to change your owner contact details. Please fax this through to: +44 (0)1582 585057

I purchased/renewed a domain name in error, can I get a refund ?

If you renew a domain name online, it can not be reversed. Because our online systems are automated, once the transaction goes through - that is it. Once you click on our web page to renew a domain name, our automated systems initiate the transaction and funds are deducted from our account, which unfortunately we can not reverse.

This is a situation which is not under our control, but has been created by the various registrys who maintain and manage their particular domain. We would much prefer to reverse a domain name renewal and refund the funds involved if a client changes their minds for whatever reason, it would benefit us and our clients but the registrys will not allow this.

It is important to realise this is not a rule we have made, but one we must
endure like everybody else throughout the world who uses the internet.

If you register (as opposed to renewing) a domain name by accident, it may be possible to halt and cancel the registration. Contact us by telephone (+44 (0) 1582 572148) as soon as you are able to and we will do whatever we can to reverse the registration and refund your money.

You must realise we may not be able to do this for every domain type, each domains individual registry set their own rules which govern this, but if we can reverse the registration and refund your money - we will do. It makes little sense to upset clients if it can be avoided.

My domain name is close to expiring, can I transfer it ?

You can only transfer an active domain name, if your domain name has expired it can not be transferred (there are occasionally exceptions to this rule for domain names, for instance).

If your domain name has expired and you want to transfer it to another registrar, you will need to renew it with your current registrar and then transfer it.

Your new registrar will honour the new expiration date of your domain name.

Some registrars set a limit on how close to the expiration date a domain is before they will transfer it.

How do I submit my site to a search engine ?

Getting a good ranking in a search engine is a whole artform in itself and is very much beyond the scope of this FAQ. There are many companies who stay in business by improving a domain names standing in the search engines, for a price.

You can create 'Meta-Tags' in the HTML of your web pages for search engines to index, although support for 'Meta-Tags' has declined dramatically and only a few search engines still support them.

Ensure you have set up the '<TITLE>' tag of your pages, search engines use these tags for indexing.

Having plenty of links to your website from other websites will also improve your chance of a high page ranking, as will having plenty of original content on your website.

There is a guide to Meta-Tags at:

There are many web sites dedicated to search engines, a recommended one is:

How do I stop my details displaying in the WHOIS database ?

ICANN regulations insist there needs to be contact details listed in the WHOIS database for a domain name.

If you do not want your personal details listed in the WHOIS record for your domain name you can use an alternative valid contact address (a work address or a relatives address for instance).

In some instances, where there is a genuine reason for withholding your personal details, we can substitute our own address details for yours. This is done on an individual case basis, and only when there is a valid reason for doing this.

If you are an individual and not a company, you can choose to have your personal details withheld from the WHOIS database if your domain name is a .CO.UK.

If you want your details withheld from the WHOIS database, send us an email requesting this with your domain name(s) and your reasons for withholding information. Send this email to:

Bear in mind if you transfer your domain at a later date, there must be a valid ADMIN email address for an authorisation email to be sent to, so ensure there is an email address you have access to in the WHOIS record for your domain.

I want to register a domain that has just expired ?

When a domain name expires, it enters several phases before it is available for registration again.

The name first enters the deletion cycle which can take up to 45 days (or sometimes longer) to complete.

After this, the domain name enters "Redemption Grace Period" where the registered owner can recover the domain (for an additonal fee set by the registry and a lot of manual processing by the registrar) for his/her use again. The Redemption Grace Period Cycle lasts for 30 days.

Finally, the domain name enters a 5 day Registry Hold period, after which time the domain name is made available for registration by the general public again.