What does REGISTRAR-LOCK mean ?

If the status of a domain name shows REGISTRAR-LOCK then it means that the domain cannot be transferred. This is done to stop illegal transfers of domains.

To enable a transfer of your domain name to another registrar, you must first unlock your domain via our control panel.


If your domain status shows as REGISTRAR-HOLD then your domain name has been suspended by the registrar.

More often than not this is because the renewal of the domain name has not been paid for. Any domains on REGISTRAR-HOLD will not resolve 24 hours (propagation time) after being placed on hold.

What does ACTIVE mean ?

If your domain shows as being ACTIVE then your domain is active and ready for transfer as the status suggests.

Domain names can only be transferred between registrars when they are ACTIVE.


If you see your domain status as being PENDINGTRANSFER then this is because your domain is being moved between registrars.

This status shouldn't last for long as domains should move relatively quickly.


Once a domain enters REDEMPTIONPERIOD it will not resolve and will shortly be deleted.

If your domain status is REDEMPTIONPERIOD and it is still required then you should contact your registrar immediately. It is possible to recover domains that are in their REDEMPTIONPERIOD but there is a charge involved and this will vary from registrar to registrar, an additonal and expensive fee is set by the registry for pulling a domain out of redemption period, and is a labour intensive task which can only be done manually.

It is not advised that you simply let your domain delete itself so you can re-register it because it could be potentially re-registered by someone other than yourself - maybe solely for the "expired traffic" your domain generates.