.americanfamily Domain Registration - .americanfamily is a New Gltd, as released by ICANN - The introduction of .americanfamily will help to diversify and enhance the internet - You can register .americanfamily domains and use them to create .americanfamily websites here.


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Please Note: Registry may classify name as premium domain name if so prices may be higher.

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domain name prices cover the domain name registration, web forwarding, email forwarding and whois privacy where possible.

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.americanfamily Domain Notes

Note: The .americanfamily domain registry may classify some domain names as premium domain names if so classfied they will command a higher price.

.americanfamily domains include 3rd party fees and maintenance & during the registration period. If you wish to transfer your americanfamily domain away during your registration period you are free do do so without charge. We do not charge an administration fee with .americanfamily domains or any other domain.

.americanfamily Domain Details

.americanfamily is one of the many new Gtlds issued by ICANN at the beginning of 2014

Registry: The registry is AmFam, Inc.

Purpose: Not available at this time.

Whois Information: for .americanfamily domains

The domain AMERICANFAMILY is a closed Gtld and not open to registration by the general public.

Once your .americanfamily domain is registered

Once registered your . .americanfamily domain is placed on our international server, provinding an under-construction page for your .americanfamily domain, for as long as required. (This enables a browser of your americanfamily domain to readily identify that it is registered).

We can also supply domains with ....

Free E-mail redirection.

Free Web redirection.

Free Whois Privacy (Where possible).

Free transfer away if required. We do not and will not charge release / transfer or administration fees for transferring domains to a different americanfamily domain name registrars. The domain name is yours and not ours, unlike many other companies, "We recognise that fact!"

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.americanfamily Domain Assignment

How Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) assign the .americanfamily domain. IANA is a department of ICANN, a non-profit private American corporation, they oversees IP address allocation, root zone management in the Domain Name System (DNS), and other Internet related symbols and numbers.

.americanfamily Domain Assignment

.americanfamily Domain Information

A domain name is the equivalent of a car number plate, .americanfamily domain will be required if you wish to operate a .americanfamily website.
General information on .americanfamily domains, what it represents and its uses, can be found via the link below.

.americanfamily Domain Information

Facts & Figures

Website Facts & Figures : Billing Periods, Renewal details, delegation details and more. Everything you need to know about your .americanfamily website / americanfamily domain name.

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.americanfamily Domain Renewals

You may renew your .americanfamily website, (the .americanfamily domain) without logging into your control panel by using our quick and painfree renewal service, or even transfer it into nominate to be renewed if necessary.

.americanfamily Domain Renewals

.americanfamily Domain Name Transfers:

Transfer Details

It is not possible to transfer .americanfamily domains , please check this page for future updates.


Premium .americanfamily Domain Names

The registry may list some names as a premium domain name, if so this domain will be charged at a higher price than the one listed. We will contact you before completing your order if you order one of these names.

Reserved .americanfamily Names

The registry reserves some names for its own use, and may not mark them as registered. We may only discover this at the time of attempted registration.

.americanfamily Registry Terms:

The use of domain names, where applicable, must comply with the .americanfamily Registry Terms.