.gold is a New Gltd, as released by ICANN - The introduction of .gold will help to diversify and enhance the internet - You can register .gold domains here.


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gold International Domain Name Registration .gold
1 year$193.50kr940€126.40£110.50$219.40kr1366$119.00R2224.00 $193.50kr940€126.40£110.50$219.40kr1366$119.00R2224.00  
2 years$387.00kr1880€252.80£221.00$438.80kr2732$238.00R4447.00 $387.00kr1880€252.80£221.00$438.80kr2732$238.00R4447.00  
3 years$580.50kr2820€379.20£331.40$658.20kr4098$357.00R6671.00 $580.50kr2820€379.20£331.40$658.20kr4098$357.00R6671.00  
4 years$773.10kr3756€505.10£441.50$876.70kr5458$475.50R8885.00 $773.10kr3756€505.10£441.50$876.70kr5458$475.50R8885.00  
5 years$966.60kr4696€631.50£552.00$1096.10kr6824$594.50R11109.00 $966.60kr4696€631.50£552.00$1096.10kr6824$594.50R11109.00  
6 years$1160.10kr5636€757.90£662.40$1315.50kr8189$713.50R13333.00 $1160.10kr5636€757.90£662.40$1315.50kr8189$713.50R13333.00  
7 years$1353.60kr6576€884.30£772.90$1534.90kr9555$832.50R15556.00 $1353.60kr6576€884.30£772.90$1534.90kr9555$832.50R15556.00  
8 years$1547.10kr7516€1010.70£883.40$1754.30kr10921$951.50R17780.00 $1547.10kr7516€1010.70£883.40$1754.30kr10921$951.50R17780.00  
9 years$1740.60kr8456€1137.10£993.90$1973.70kr12287$1070.50R20004.00 $1740.60kr8456€1137.10£993.90$1973.70kr12287$1070.50R20004.00  
10 years$1794.20kr8717€1172.10£1024.50$2034.60kr12666$1103.50R20620.00 $1794.20kr8717€1172.10£1024.50$2034.60kr12666$1103.50R20620.00  

.gold Domain Notes

Note: The registry may classify some domain names as premium domain names if so classfied they will command a higher price.

gold domains include 3rd party fees and maintenance & during the registration period. If you wish to transfer your gold domain away during your registration period you are free do do so without charge. We do not charge an administration fee.

.gold Details

.GOLD is one of the many new Gtlds issued by ICANN at the beginning of 2014

Registry: The registry is Multiple applicants. This domain name will be run by one of the following: WGC (IOM) Limited : June Edge, LLC

Purpose: Not available at this time.

Whois Information: for .gold

The domain GOLD went live into General Availability on the 8th July 2015

Once your .gold domain is registered

Once registered the .gold domain is placed on our international server, provinding an under-construction page for your .gold domain, for as long as required. (This enables a browser of your gold domain to readily identify that it is registered).

We can also supply free of charge.

E-mail redirection.

Web redirection.

Whois Privacy.

and more....

Free transfer away if required. We do not and will not charge release / transfer or administration fees for transferring domains to a different gold domain name registrars. The domain name is yours and not ours, unlike many other companies, "We recognise that fact!"

.gold Registration

.gold domain registration

Prices from as little as: $193.50kr940€126.40£110.50$219.40kr1366$119.00R2224.00 for 1 year.

.gold - Whois Delegation Record

Data Provided by IANA

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA)

% for more information on IANA, visit http: //www.iana.org

domain: GOLD

Organisation: Binky Moon, LLC
address: Donuts Inc.
address: 10500 NE 8th Street, Suite 750
address: Bellevue, WA 98004
address: United States

contact: administrative
name: Vice President, Engineering
Organisation: Donuts Inc.
address: 10500 NE 8th Street, Suite 750
address: Bellevue, WA 98004
address: United States
phone: +1.425.298.2200
fax-no: +1.425.671.0020
e-mail: tldadmin@donuts.email

contact: technical
name: Senior Director, DNS Infrastructure Group
Organisation: Donuts Inc.
address: 10500 NE 8th Street, Suite 750
address: Bellevue, WA 98004
address: United States
phone: +1.425.298.2200
fax-no: +1.425.671.0020
e-mail: tldtech@donuts.email

nserver: V0N0.NIC.GOLD 2a01
nserver: V0N1.NIC.GOLD 2a01
nserver: V0N2.NIC.GOLD 2a01
nserver: V0N3.NIC.GOLD 2a01
nserver: V2N0.NIC.GOLD 2a01
nserver: V2N1.NIC.GOLD 2a01
ds-rdata: 59041 8 2 525579c6cd38e9e537598cec0953061fe404c9a7623efd9a871f46afa0e69e24

whois: whois.nic.gold

status: ACTIVE
remarks: Registration information

created: 2015-03-12
changed: 2021-10-27
source: IANA

.gold Information

General information on .gold, the country it represents and its uses.

.gold Information

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Domain Facts & Figures : Billing Periods, Renewal details, delegation details and more. Everything you need to know about your .gold .(gold) domain.

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You may renew your .gold domain without logging into your control panel by using our quick and painfree renewal service, or even transfer it into nominate to be renewed if necessary.

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The registry may list some names as a premium domain name, if so this domain will be charged at a higher price than the one listed. We will contact you before completing your order if you order one of these names.

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